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Photo(s) Of The Day

Just a few photos, of my walk in Hollywood, last night. And, a "joke," or two. And a surprise. For me, at least. It's nice, and not so nice, living in H'wood. Again. Well, 3rd times a charm.

I've heard of this Frolic Room, and I hear "Hamilton's" okay. (I used to go to the Frolic Room, back in "the day." A lot! And I've seen "Hamilton." What, two years ago..? Glad it's back...)

The "surprise" part is here. I knew who Ricardo Montalbán was, y'know, the "Welcome! To Fantasy!! Island!!!" guy, but looked him up, right before posting this, and, WOW!! A seven decade acting career, in stuff I recognized?! And, a LOT of, "That was HIM?!?!" Epic...!!

...And one more Frolic photo, 'cuz it's pretty, in color. Happy Pride Month, all! Oh, and if you haven't, see "Hamilton," if you can. One of those, "I've never seen a thing like THIS before!"

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