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Photo Of The Day (06/13/21)

I was walkin' along, yesterday, down Gower, when, all of a sudden, MUSIC! And a person PERFORMING!! And VIDEOGRAPHERS!!! Something I, *Sigh,* used to do. A lot (cinematography for music videos). So I let 'em know there was a guy there with a camera - me - and, that I'd use it. Thumbs up from, uh, whom I assume was a producer, so I LITerally only took one photo. This photo, right here, to be exact. B.T.S. of the music video for...I don't know, but, they were done with their scene, got, QUICKLY, in their cars, and moved on. So, no information on who this is. Hope to see it someday...

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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2021

Awesome shot man! Love it!!

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