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Photo(s) Of The Day (08/05/22)

I was walkin' down the H'wood, and a fellow saw that I had a camera, and said, "You can take MY photo!" I paused, thought it over, and responded, "Only because you requested it!" So, he turned, I focused, and said, "Oo! It's getting dark outside. Give me a second." Re-focused, re-did the brightness, took three photos, and here're the two that were used:

Don't know who he was, or what the $100.00 bills, uh, "thing," was about, but....

...The 3rd photo was of him, and his friend, and it was SO out of focus, well, yeah. Un-usable. But, I asked where I'd send it, and he said, and I quote, "Just put it on your website," and smiled, and walked on. After about three blocks of following them, they stopped, to. ironically/not ironically cross the street on Whitley, and, #IfYouKnowMeYouKnow why this's a bit ironic/not ironic, but I gave him my business card, and said, "I'll post this on my website. It's the one on the back." Pointed to #WwwDotQuidQuoProductionsDotCom to which he asked, "Tonight?" Answer: "Maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow," and tomorrow's RIGHT NOW, so, if you're seeing this, sir, please put your info in the comments. I'll do more photography, if you'd like...

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