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Photo(s) Of The Day (08/01/22)

Friday, I walked to Www.FarmersMarketLA.Com to see a band, and, I specifically went to see THIS band! "What band," you ask?! Well, it was The Long Shadows, so, look 'em up at Http://Www.FaceBook.Com/TheLongShadowsLA or, (the IG's) @thelongshadowsla so, here're #BlackAndWhitePhotographyTimesFive of this band, playing fantastic music..!

Some covers, some of their own songs, but it was the guitar player, on the right side's...

...BIRTHDAY! So, we all got to sing! With a band! How neat is THAT?!?!

Oh, if you're not sure how to make 'n' do a great concert, these guys'll show you.......

Oh, and if you're not sure how to dance, this audience'll show you.......

Oh, and, AND, if you're not sure how to end a concert, they'll show you as well! And, they moved on to Http://MarketTavernLA.Com/Los-Angeles-Fairfax-District-Tavern-About

Two shows. In one night. Rock! And!! ROLL!!!

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