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Photo(s) Of The Day (08/01/22)

Friday, I walked to Www.FarmersMarketLA.Com to see a band, and, I specifically went to see THIS band! "What band," you ask?! Well, it was The Long Shadows, so, look 'em up at Http://Www.FaceBook.Com/TheLongShadowsLA or, (the IG's) @thelongshadowsla so, here're #BlackAndWhitePhotographyTimesFive of this band, playing fantastic music..! Some covers, some of their own songs, but it was the guitar player, on the right side's... ...BIRTHDAY! So, we all got to sing! With a band!

Photo(s) Of The Day - (05/20/2022)

Five, count 'em, FIVE, photos from both Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday's surprising the golly, gee, HECK, out of me, as I thought, after hitting up the L.A. Farmer's Market for lunch, that I'd walk up to H'wood B'vard, just to check it out. At nearly EVERY block, I'd think, "I'll just turn right here, and go home." Yes, it's great, STILL, to say, "HOME," but better that I walked up Fairfax to H'wood, and saw the thing I WASN'T EXPECTING!! TO SEE!!! AT ALL!!!! The "Bob's

Photo(s) Of The Day - (12/16/21)

As I always like to! No, really! I like to do this thing. "This Thing," being to take nice lil' relaxing walks through a cemetery. And, no, I'm not the only one! Lots, and LOTS, of folks like walkin' around Www.HollywoodForever.Com all! The! Time! This's from Friday. Y'know, just a cameraman, doing his, er, "camera stuff." Stuff I used to do... Filming, at first, only the @RamonesDucks , then the fellow who partially feeds them... ...Then, the wonderful Mis

Photo(s) Of The Day - (11/17/21)

Hey, y'know what's weird? Yeah, yeah, yeah, life's weird. But, but, BUT, HEY! Y'know what's WEIRD?! That Marcus, or, as he's better known, Www.RedOceanPictures.Com and I were talking two days ago, about, wait for it, some other stuff. Movies, and H'wood life, and, "the such." But, out of LITerally nowhere, he mentioned Angelyne. A).Thanks for waiting, and, B) I actually walked out of the room, and returned, with photos I'd taken, what, maybe an hour earlier? And said,

Photo(s) Of The Day - (11/15/21)

So, yesterday I walked to/in the H'wood Forever Cemetery, and got to briefly talk to Www.PleasantGehman.Com about the band I saw at Www.FarmersMarketLA.Com on Friday. Y'know, @SoundHoose, or, as they're better known, Www.SoundHoose.Com ?! *Ahem!* What I actually got to say to @ThePrincessOfHollywood was that they started with a cover of, "Blitzkrieg Bop," by the Ramones! And, if you know how the @RamonesDucks know it's time for food, then, well, you'd've smiled widely too!

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