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Photo(s) Of The Day - (05/20/2022)

Five, count 'em, FIVE, photos from both Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday's surprising the golly, gee, HECK, out of me, as I thought, after hitting up the L.A. Farmer's Market for lunch, that I'd walk up to H'wood B'vard, just to check it out. At nearly EVERY block, I'd think, "I'll just turn right here, and go home." Yes, it's great, STILL, to say, "HOME," but better that I walked up Fairfax to H'wood, and saw the thing I WASN'T EXPECTING!! TO SEE!!! AT ALL!!!! The "Bob's Burgers: The Movie" Premiere was happening at The El Capitan, and, well, this! Got to see - FOR REAL - @k.schaal and @jazzdaredevil which, and yes, if you're on the IG's you can check 'em out, WHICH blew! My!! MIND!!!

And there's Kristen being interviewed by the press. I knew it was her, 'cuz, A) Her lil' 'pretend scream,' of , "OOooOO!!" sounded exACTly like Louise Belcher, B) Looking across the way I/you/we can ALL see/tell/know it's her, and, C) Well, she IS standing right next to Louise, soooOOooo...(That's the above. The below is the full cast. Life is weird...)

These 1st two of my #BlackAndWhitePhotographyTimesFive photos are with my #SonyNEX7 which is (one of) my, "Walk Around Town," cameras. Single frame, 3/4 exposure. But...

...Walked up the next day with my #SonA7C full exposure with zoom lens camera, just to see what the difference would've been, not expecting yet aNOTHer premiere, but...

"Chip 'N Dale" premiere going on THEN! Weird! And, yeah, it was MUCH more crowded! And who're the voice actors/actresses we're looking at HERE?! I! Don't!! KNOW!!!

And a 5th photo, again with my #A7C to show you NO crowd! At all! Near the B'room Trailer Of The StahzzZZzz..!! or, something. These are the best photos of those days, in my opinion, but check out my @QuidQuoProductions on Insta for more from this day. And others from other days, if you would. #QuidQuoProductions @BobsBurgersFox

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