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Photo(s) Of The Day (08/01/22)

Friday, I walked to Www.FarmersMarketLA.Com to see a band, and, I specifically went to see THIS band! "What band," you ask?! Well, it was The Long Shadows, so, look 'em up at Http://Www.FaceBook.Com/TheLongShadowsLA or, (the IG's) @thelongshadowsla so, here're #BlackAndWhitePhotographyTimesFive of this band, playing fantastic music..! Some covers, some of their own songs, but it was the guitar player, on the right side's... ...BIRTHDAY! So, we all got to sing! With a band!

Photo(s) Of The Day (07/02/22)

Went to yesterday, specifically to EB's, one of the to see and, yeah, I didn't cry, you cried, but, if you know me... Right before Mr. Kenny got on stage, he sipped his drink, saw me with my camera, and smiled. At me. Taking a photo. Which made ME smile! Haven't seen his band in years... Got on stage, sang some songs, and was WONDERFUL! D'uh! Seeing live bands again... ...And/or being able to do anything fun ag

Photo(s) Of The Day - (05/20/2022)

Five, count 'em, FIVE, photos from both Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday's surprising the golly, gee, HECK, out of me, as I thought, after hitting up the L.A. Farmer's Market for lunch, that I'd walk up to H'wood B'vard, just to check it out. At nearly EVERY block, I'd think, "I'll just turn right here, and go home." Yes, it's great, STILL, to say, "HOME," but better that I walked up Fairfax to H'wood, and saw the thing I WASN'T EXPECTING!! TO SEE!!! AT ALL!!!! The "Bob's

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