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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/02/22)

Went to yesterday, specifically to EB's, one of the to see and, yeah, I didn't cry, you cried, but, if you know me...

Right before Mr. Kenny got on stage, he sipped his drink, saw me with my camera, and smiled. At me. Taking a photo. Which made ME smile! Haven't seen his band in years...

Got on stage, sang some songs, and was WONDERFUL! D'uh! Seeing live bands again...

...And/or being able to do anything fun again makes me happier than you can imagine..

And, yep, there was a crowd there, some of whom were dancing, as was I, in the way that I can, now. But soon, I tell's you, sooOOOoonnn (Horror Movie Voice goes here...)

#BlackAndWhitePhotographyTimesFive and, you'll see other's of these on the IG's: @liittlemissshadowthecat today, but more, soon. Enough. I say's. @glen.diller @quidquoproductions @quotephotographyunquote but tomorrow. Or Monday...

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