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Photo(s) Of The Day - (11/17/21)

Hey, y'know what's weird? Yeah, yeah, yeah, life's weird. But, but, BUT, HEY! Y'know what's WEIRD?! That Marcus, or, as he's better known, Www.RedOceanPictures.Com and I were talking two days ago, about, wait for it, some other stuff. Movies, and H'wood life, and, "the such." But, out of LITerally nowhere, he mentioned Angelyne. A).Thanks for waiting, and, B) I actually walked out of the room, and returned, with photos I'd taken, what, maybe an hour earlier? And said, "Wait for it!" And showed him photo one.

"Um, hey," he said, "Is, uh, that what I think it is?" I responded with a, "Yes," and he said, "Had she just parked there? Or was she there for a while?!" My answer?! "There's a whole film crew wrapping up for the day, and, AND, there's a whole camera setup - and a CAMERA - in the driver's seat! Weird, right?!" And, we went on, obviously, from there...

...But an entire shooting-set was being wrapped at Gower Gulch. Who knows what it was, or might have been?! One more, *ahem,* the third of three, photos, in B&W mode, from my #SonyNEX7 'cuz I like it! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like it a LOT!!! #QuidQuoProductions

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1 Comment

Nov 17, 2021

I love it man! I love these pictures and following your observations. It's like old school Hollywood meets 2021, it's exciting!

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