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Photo(s) Of The Day - (11/15/21)

So, yesterday I walked to/in the H'wood Forever Cemetery, and got to briefly talk to Www.PleasantGehman.Com about the band I saw at Www.FarmersMarketLA.Com on Friday. Y'know, @SoundHoose, or, as they're better known, Www.SoundHoose.Com ?! *Ahem!* What I actually got to say to @ThePrincessOfHollywood was that they started with a cover of, "Blitzkrieg Bop," by the Ramones! And, if you know how the @RamonesDucks know it's time for food, then, well, you'd've smiled widely too! Yeah, it goes on, but I only wanted to say, uh, "Smiley Stuff," so I ended there. More about that in a moment, But, here's photo #1 of SoundHoose...

Yeah, they were great, and, yeah, I smiled widely at song 1, but song #2?! Well, if you know me, which, now y'do, you know I was pretty good friends with @GreenDay in grade school, better friends with Www.GreenDay.Com in middle school, and REALLY good friends with Green Day in, and slightly post, high school! So, SoundHoose's 2nd song was, "American Idiot," by Green Day! Did I smile more?! Or, did I cry?! A LOT?!?!

(Photo 2's got a person dancing at, y'know, the Farmer's Market Friday Night Dance Party?!) And, yes, I cried, obviously to some folks around me, but did they know why? *AHEM!!* Post, um, this "cane thing," after a month and a half comatose, I'm told that the very, VERY, first thing I responded to, was a song playing in my iPod earplugs. A) Yes, I still have an iPod, and, B) You know where this is going. That song was "American Idiot."

(Photo 3's got a thing I like to take camera photos of: People using there phone as a camera, taken with my #NEX7 in B&W mode.) So, yeah, that's a tiny part of my tiny story. I haven't posted here forEVER, but check me out at #QuidQuoProductions or @QuidQuoProductions if you're on the InstaGram's. The End...

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