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Photo Of The Day (06/14/21)

Hey, if you want to talk to a guy who knows B Roll, talk to this guy right here! Hm? Oh, "this guy," is me! D'uh. Either way, I saw some guys yesterday,! Some OTHER guys! Geez!! Shooting some actual B Roll with an ACTual videography camera, yesterday, on ACTUAL Hollywood Boulevard! Weird, I know, right?! RIGHT?!?! (I used to be a camera assistant for reality TV B Roll, a lot.)

Oh, you can tell who the sound operator is, 'cuz he's slowly, VERY slowly, wrapping up his sound stuff on the side, not in everyone's way, but, yeah, in EVERYone's way. The other fellow is clearly a producer, and, well, there's a tourist walkin' on by, as well...

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