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Photo Of The Day (07/04/21)

Y'know what's a "conversation" starter? "Hey! Do you want to take my picture?!" This, after I was photographing buildings and landscapes, yesterday. "Um, sure!" And I pointed my NEX6 camera, let them "pose," and, this is a real quote, "On three, you'll hear the click. The 'click' you know so well. 1...2...3...'click.'" (I didn't say "click" again, the camera "clicked.")

...And this. Left side person WAS smiling, and when I said, "3," she frowned. Right side person WAS smiling, as well, with her eyes OPEN, and, of course, when I said, "3," um, this. So, after the ONE photograph, I asked, as I ALWAYS DO, "What's your IG tag, or, better yet, do you have a website name, or a card, so when I post this, I can credit you?!" Left side's answer? "Well, I'm a professional photographer, so, no IG, and no website. I just know what it's like to want to photograph someone, and not ask, so *I* asked! You're SO welcome, and have a great day!!" And, as she, and her friend, skated away, she shouted, "Have a GREAT photo day!!!" And, uh, no, I wasn't wanting to, or planning on, or even THINKING about, taking her photo. Ah, us. "Us," being professional photographers. Silly, silly, us. Silly "we?"

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