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Photo Of The Day (07/05/21)

If you didn't already know, which you should, yesterday was the 4th of July, 2021. If you DID already know, which you shouldn't, I haven't been to an actual party, meeting ACTUAL folks, in, um, forever? Yes, we'll, uh, go with "forever." I met some, and here's one of those 'folks':

I met this folk for the 1st time, yesterday, Mattie, and her dog, Violet, also seen here. Violet was lovely, one of those dogs that KNOWS she's a dog, but does "people stuff." And Mattie, the hosts sons GF, was LOVEly, as well! One of those people, with MULTIPLE "PEANUTS" CARTOON TATTOOS!! 'Twas nice having a conversation about how "fan-ly" we both were...

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