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Photo Of The Day - (07/21/21)

True-story time: I walk by this, er, "location," nearly every day, and, A) I've never seen them filming anything, B) I've never seen anyone doing anyTHING, 'cept one or five folks on their cel's, just chatting, or gaming, away, and, C) Um, BMX bikes? Are you film/video'ing a sport event?! Are those the CREW'S BIKES?!?! Answer me, one and all, or...I'll...uh...POST this!

Edit/non-edit/more true-story: There are food and break tents all along the sidewalk, and it's right next to a studio, so let's (I'll) just assume it's a full room set, inside, for SPFX, crew, and silence, so, if you (they) want coffee or a snack, or it's, "LUNCH!" outside you (they)they go! I've been here/there/everywhere/done this, so, yeah. I know how this works, to a degree...

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