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Photo Of The Day - (09/10/11)

This isn't one of those, "Tell us your age by telling us what you see in the photo, but don't mention your age, or birth year," things, but, it kind of is. I looked up, yesterday, for new things to photograph, while I was walking on H'wood B'vard. All I really saw was the, "Space Invaders Alien," on the right side of the building. I just love the fact that in H'wood, art is everywhere. (Check out my 'Quid Quo Productions' IG account for another, similar photo.)

Here, I guess, is the, "Guess My Age," part: Was I born in the '20's, when this building was built? Or, OR, was I born in the '70's, when, "Space Invaders," was a thing?! You decide!!

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