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Photo(s) Of The Day (06/22/21)

I'm not sure what this "Hollywood Forever" refers to, but it's as "Hollywood," and as, "Forever," as it goes, what with the palm trees 'n' all (Photo 1 of 3). I'll just look around, and try to...figure...out...oh. Hm.

Seems to be some kind of landmark, or design studio, what with the statues, 'n' all (Photo 2 of 3). I'll just look around...a...bit...more...and...OH! Well, those aren't statues! Those are, uh, what're they called?

Oh, um, oops! "Grave stones." This appears to be a CEMETERY! Well, the stones tell a tale!! Er, I'll 3 of 3).

(Yes, I knew what it was, and, Yes, I've been here before. A lot! And, YES, I was looking, ALL AROUND, for > ( @CloseUpTheCemeteryCat ), but, no, I didn't see that particular cat. *Sigh*.)

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