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Photo(s) Of The Day (06/23/21)

Neighbor #1: "Wait, you're a music producer?! Well, I'm a musician!! Who else is, here?!"

Neighbor #3: "Hm. Well, um, I'm on the road most of the year, managing a touring band!!"

Room-ie (M): "Well, I'm an actor! And a producer, slash, director!! Uh, in fact, I'm directing a music video, THIS WEEK!!"

All four Neighbors: "Wow! Musicians, ALL AROUND!!!"

Me: "Um, hope you guys don't mind. I'm, uh, taking photos..."

Yesterday had a small get together, on the roof, after the, er, Fire Fighters left. Everything's fine. Everything's okay. Getting to know the neighbors is nice. That's all. Oh, oops! That's not all. It's NEVER "all!" Check out Www.HealingWithMarcus.Com, if you can. You should!

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