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Photo(s) Of The Day (06/30/21)

So, here's what happens when you get a job, and that job's on a "pre-set," y'know, for a photography...I'm not sure how/if/even if I'm s'posed to describe it, yet, but I'll say this: Www.RedOceanPictures.Com was working on it, so it MUST be a set, right? RIGHT?!

And, yes, I call him, ACTually CALL him, that name! All! The!! TIME!!! Me: "Hey, double you, double you, double you, dot, red ocean pictures, dot, com?! It can't be considered 'set photography, if I don't photograph the WHOLE SET?! ALL DAY?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!" Him: "Um, well, walking out of the apartment, uh, before the set, isn't the SET, right?! RIGHT?!?!"

Yes, yes, yes, only part of that story's true. I don't call him that. I call him Marcus. And there's a guy named Cloud, doin' his Cloud-thing. And some cameras. *Sigh* I missed...

...set life. Missed it so much! There's a guy named Ian, doing his Ian-thing. Walkin' along...

There's M, again, doin' more M-things. And a ladder. A cool, COOL, ladder! (I just like it...)

And, this may surprise you, but, "set life," often means you're, "building a set." M's doing that.

This was yesterday, and after we got back to the, "set apartment," I went for a lil' walk, and took photos to show you where set life happens. Surprise! It's H'wood! Home of the sets!

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