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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/01/21)

More of that, "work stuff," but not mine. Marcus and Ian's, "work stuff." Marcus, or, well, Www.RedOceanPictures.Com, as I don't ever call him, building a set. The, "Won't this set EVER get done?!" joke, goes here. Sorry, "joke." Sets take some work. A LOT of WORK!!

One more 'cuz, well, I like ladders. "Wait, WHAT?! You have to MAKE?! SET FLOORS?!?!"

Here's Marcus and Ian, not working, talking, oddly, about work. "Blah, blah, blah, work..."

And, finally, the thing that kind of blew my mind, yesterday! The day before, Marcus was wearing clamp-ons. I'd seen them before, but long, LONG, ago, on another set. But here they are, OFF THE FEET!! (This requires a, "WhaaAA?!?!" Not really. They're removable. This requires a, "D'UH!! They do, however, look like a sea animal, escaping, maybe a turtle.)

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