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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/02/21)

Ian and I were driving by here, today, and I asked, "Do you happen to know what that tall building in the back of those 'copters is? Marcus and I, yesterday (when these photos were ACTually taken) said that maybe it's the LA County jail, 'cuz..." To which he responded, or, 'interrupted,' "Well, have seen the NYPD Jail?! There's no windows, at ALL!" Then he asked, "What d'you think those 'copters are? News?! Hotel?!" I responded with, "Well, since there's a sign that says LAPD, and all the 'copters say LAPD, maybe, JUST maybe, those'er LAPD helicopters..." I still don't know what the building is. Windows'n all...

Have you found out yet, Www.RedOceanPictures.Com?! HM?!?! 2nd photo's for the flare...

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