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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/07/21)

Living in Hollywood. Ah, living in Hollywood! AH, the good ol' livin' IN H'wood!! Oh, I live in H'wood, again. No surprise(s) there. But, and this "but" is important, BUT, remembering/ relearning/missing the set life is REAL! Trust me on this one. Saw a crew 'n set - a REAL set - yesterday. 'Twas, it appears, to be a BollyWood in HollyWood video/film/who knows?

Ah, set photography. Yes, I've done this before, and, YES, I miss it so! And, oddly enough, the little kids in the way of photographing sets, is a common thing. It's usually the actor's kids, but KIDS! Kids EVERYWHERE!! And L.A.P.D. I totally forgot that 49% of their job was "set guards," y'know, in case the kids get out of hand. Or someone tries to steal a camera...


I counted, maybe, three? Five?! At least half a dozen set jobs I've done. Security, audio work, cinematography, gaffer, lighting, and P.A. work. A lot of that! But my last credited job, was 'camera assistant.' That's the person in this white suspenders, looking at the shaded videography screen, who's doing my last job. And by "credited," check my IMDb page for those. But, I'm told, the last year, or so, was me operating the camera, over 50% of the time. "A sub," B Roll, and practice. Lots, and LOTS, of "practice." Ah, "jobs." I 'member those..!

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