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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/09/21)

Dear Hollywood; is there any way, anyway possible, at ALL, you can be LESS Hollywood?! I mean, yesterday, I hit up my favorite coffee place, EVER, Www.RiseNGrindLA.Com and got, what is now, my "usual:" A Triple Espresso. Mm, mm, MM! And, so, let's get a little H'wood, here, shall we? Two, count 'em, TWO, separate guys, just tappin' away at their screenplays. "Tap, tap, tapp-ity, tap, TAP!!" Scripts! Or screenplays! Whatever you, personally, call 'em!!

Okay, H'wood, I'll just head out and check the Chinese Theater. I'm sure THAT...won'

Um, okay, tourists. Lots, and LOTS, of tourists. That's the H'wood usual, on a Thursday, but...okay, I'll turn around, and photograph this crane, which, I'm SURE, won'

...And as I was taking said photo, I heard, "D'um, d'um, da d'um, d'um, D'UMMMmmmMMM!" right next to me. So I turned, and a tourist was doing a lil' "dance." A boop bop dance. And humming! Or, at least a pretend tap dance, in tennis shoes. So, no tapping involved. Okay...

Ah, thank you, H'wood, for being the least H'wood you can be. Just the tower. the edge of, or, the Sunset Gower Studios, and palm trees. Nothing less H'wood than those. Oh, but clouds! Lots, and LOTS, of CLOUDS! Oo, H'wood! Drat!!

Oh, and thanks for reminding me, H'wood. It's "Boardner's," not, "Gardner's," as I posted, yesterday. Show's y'all how much I've been there, lately. (Spoiler alert: Not at all recently.)

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