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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/10/21)

I don't necessarily want to be that, "I Did Some Stuff, Yesterday," guy, but, yeah. So, yesterday, some stuff was done. Some stuff, that is, by ME! As I was walking my usual walk, on Melrose, I met a guy. A guy who said, "You're that Melrose camera guy, right? I've seen your stuff! Take my photo, please?!" So, I did. What follows is the B'n'W one. The other, the color one, is being sent to him. If you're on IG, check out @ceo_rackracing1k ...

Then, I walked on, to the L.A. Farmer's Market, just to take band photos. The band is found at, Www.AmericanMileMusic.Com , so, check 'em out. They're so much fun. Covers 'n such.

Oh, well, I guess it wouldn't be called, "Friday Night Dance Party," without dancing, so here!!

And, uh, the day started out, because this is H'wood, with film shooting, so, um, again, here!

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