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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/14/21)

Where's the Center Of The World? Well, d'uh! Los Angeles, obviously! More specifically, Sunset 'n Highland, or, um, thereabouts. Four photos of the Center of, uh, "some world..."

What's odd about this photo, is no cars! In L.A.! (I had to wait a long time. Jus' sayin's, all...)

No cars here, either, but, y'know, space. We'll see what's in the future, space-car-wise. OoO!

What?! Still no cars?! WhaaaAAA?!?! But I guess the sun's there. *Sigh* (Ah, sun-flare...)

Last one, kind of the same, but with more palm trees. Tryin' to make the most H'wood thing, EVER, even MORE H'wood. Are palm trees the center of the world?! Who know?! OoOoO!

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