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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/16/21)

If you know Hitchcock, and I know y'do, then you'll know what these three photos are so HitchCock'ian. And yes, it's a word. But if you prefer, "HitchCockEsque," be my guest...

I'm not saying that these were so, "The Birds," like, but they were a lil' bit spooky. And huge!!

And I'm sure the barbed razor wire didn't add to the spookiness. OOooOO!! (Ghost voice...)

And, I'm sure you've seen "Brain Storm." If you haven't, you should. It's right here. Let me spoil a line for you: "Oh yeah? Then, what's YOUR story, uh, Hitch?! Cock?!?!" Watch it. You'll get it, then. D'uh...(Oh, and these birds were dragon-sized, um, "looking." Jus' sayin.')

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