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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/18/21)

Or, as it should be put, "Band Photo(s) Of The Day," as there were three, count 'em, THREE, bands in the Www.FarmersMarketLA.Com and Www.TheGroveLA.Com on Friday!! Check out @thefamersmarketla every Friday, at 7 in the p.m.'s this summer, for their "Friday Night Dance Party!!" If you like fun things, and I know y'do, check it out!! I'm not quite sure, 'cuz, y'know, I don't work there, what @thegrovela has planned, but, yep! Bands! OOoOOoOO!!

The first one that I walked near, and enjoyed, was an R & B band, doing a couple'a covers...

...And it's so weird thinking that I/we haven't heard live music 'til recently, after a year plus...

...And, once again, there was not one band, not two bands, but three! Here's the 2nd one...

The second was in the far back of The Grove, a jazz/vocals ensemble that was fanTAStic...!!

The 3rd was a band called, "The Contenders," a Pretenders cover band. If you're into The Pretenders, then the 3rd one's for you! And a crowd of people. AND dancers! FanTASTIC!

...And one more photo of the 1st, 'cuz I think a band playing through a book store looks cool..

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