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Photo(s) Of The Day (07/20/21)

I was just walkin' down H'wood B'vard two Saturdays ago, when suddenly, BIKERS! Well...

...Not exactly the, "Easy Rider," types, but, um, some bikes. Just'a...zoomin'...along..*yawn..*

Ah, there we go! Some wheelies! They're ACTually "zooming!" MTB's and BMX's...Zoom..?

The boulevard's had motorcyclists, lately, going awfully fast, and LOTS of wheelies. Y'see, when you know people are photographing, and taking video, of YOU, you start gettin' fancy.

Which goes for bicyclists, too. When one sees a camera, one gets, in his/her mind, fancier...

And sometimes, JUST sometimes,, it's just a little dude, on a little scooter. Z..z..o..o..m..m....

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