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Photo(s) Of The Day - (07/23/21)

Walked down to yesterday with my Sony A7C yesterday, which I never, uh, EVER, do, to get..well, um, it doesn't matter what I got. Just that I got it, and the service was fanTAStic! Then I walked over to the to say, "Hi," to some folks I know. But then - and ONLY then - I heard music coming from and I had to walk on over and, y'know, do that thing that I do. Here're three photos of "the thing."

I don't know what the band's name was, but they did country music, which isn't normally my, er, "thing," but, man! They were GOOD! Really, REALLY, good! And danceable. You'll see...

There's a guy, in front, just'a dancin' and dancin' away. Oh, don't you worry! There'll be more.

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