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Photo(s) Of The Day - (07/25/21)

Friday at is the Friday Night Dance Party, but that night ALSO seems to be dance night at as well! So here're some photos of that.

Here's a person, or two, or a LOT, dancing, wearing all black, to the song, "Man In Black," as performed by the amazing, fanTAStic,, or, as they're better known, The Walking Phoenixes. And, yes, I was wearing all black, as I usually slash almost always do, and, yes, this song made me tear up a bit. Jus' sayin's all. Oh, uh, but, no, SHE wasn't a MAN in black. When you see a Johnny Cash cover band, you kind of, um, have to..

This was before the Cash band, in The Grove. Didn't get their name, but they were just ending with a surfin' rock song. And, yes, at their request, I sang along, as did everyone...

So, here's a photo of the Phoenix's, band, alone. No one dancing here! Um, oh. That'll, uh, happen. Maybe the next one won't have dancin' folks! Spoiler alert: They all do. All of 'em.

Blah, blah, blah, no one's dancin' 'cept they are, blah, oops, blah, yes, blah, there are, blah...

And I saw again, y'know, taking photos of the band. She wasn't dancing, though. Or, at least, not in this photo. And, A) "Only one photographer can photograph the band," um, quote, "joke," unquote, goes here, and, of course, B) "Oh, no!! More dancing' folks?! Oh, NO!!!" non-joke goes here/shouldn't go here, EVER, cuz that's...

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