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Photo(s) Of The Day - (07/26/21)

I was walkin' down H'wood on Saturday, and there was a shoot just ending. No "gasping," please. They were re-loading the productions trucks, so, naturally, I got some photos.......

A fellow popped out of this truck, and started a conversation with me. And, you may "gasp," now. Just a chat about me taking photos of my past/future life. I took a few, then kept walkin.'

This comes to the, "I miss my old life," portion of the post, and moves on to, "I'll get it back..."

What else do I miss? Production catering. That's one thing I've never done, but I miss it so...

Oh, the fellow was Daniel, and we talked about what I'd done, what my last job was, and what I wanted for the future. He was a, "You'll get it back," kind of guy. It was a good day.

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