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Photo(s) Of The Day - (08/26/21)

Yesterday turned into a "Short Walk(s) Day." Two, to be precise. Walked a decent portion of the H'wood Forever Cemetery, saw some peacocks, and a cat! But decided to come back to the apartment, and rest. But it was one of those, "Hm. Walking makes me feel better, both mentally, and physically, and I absolutely NEED to do photography, 'cuz it keeps me sane." Well, as "sane" as I'll get. So, of course, I took a second walk. Just around the block(s)...

On the way back, some mural artists were just finishing their latest wall art, so, as per my personal rules, I asked if I could take some photos. They said, as you can imagine, "Yes."

No faces, without permission, no license plates, and if I do, edit them as unrecognizably as I can, and give credit where credit's due. I saw no hashtags, @ symbols, or website info, but.. time I see them, when they're not so busy cleaning, I'll get their information. 'cuz, DANG, I LOVE THEIR WORK!! (As I've said to/with my auntie E, "Art Is Art Is Art...")

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