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Photo(s) Of The Day - (09/01/21)

"Welcome, welcome, one and ALL, to, 'I Have No Idea What They're Doing Here!' I'm your host, ME! First contestant, 'Me,' what're they doing?! And, you have one photo, and, GO!!"

Contestant 1: "Uh, filming something? It's kind of obvious, with the lights, camera,"

Me: 'But, but, BUT, there's no 'Action!' Contestant 2, also me, you've a second photo! GO!!"

Contestant 2: "Um, something about a Jeep? Something about a school?! I DON'T KNOW!"

Me (Cont'd): "And, you BOTH lose! Thank you. thank you, for tuning in! I'm 'Me' saying..."


Okay, I'm done. I was taking a walk around the neighborhood(s) yesterday, and came upon some lights, that I've used, a camera, ready for the non-rain, and one fellow, count 'em, one, just sitting in the passenger seat of the mini-van. I walked by, took some photos, and, as is his job, just stared at me. And stared. Ah, I've been there. And, ah, entertainment industry.

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