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Photo(s) Of The Day - (09/15/21)

Some, uh, SUV's that I, um, find interesting. The 1st one's from yesterday, outside the Paramount film studios. I see this one all the time. Pretend "G.I. Joe Jeep #1..."

The 2nd's from LITerally the first day I moved back to L.A. This is my 13th photo in L.A.

The previous one is from right outside my current apartment, from June 9th. The 3rd's from June 27th. Not a Jeep, and not pretend military. But, it's an International Harvester Scout, 1970, maybe, the most important! Year!! EVER!!! Somewhere on Vine. Oh, and if y'know me, '70's my birth year. OH! And I love, love, LOVE, the fact that is says, "Bandido..."

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