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Photo(s) Of The Day - (10/05/21)

With a couple'a the internet's down, yesterday, I thought, "Hm. Should I even bring my camera with me on this walk? Can't post, 'cept on my website, and lately, there's been nothin.' I doubt today'll have anything, either." So, A) Yeah, I always bring either my #SonyNEX6, which I did yesterday, or my #SonyA7C, which I don't do often enough, and, B) Obviously there was some "stuff." But what "stuff?!" Movin' on...

Hm. An actual photographer, with an ACTUAL camera? Hm! What's he photographing?!

Oh, some cool lookin' people walkin' along. But why? And for what?! Movin, on...

Yesterday, the Https://HollyWoodForever.Com cemetery was hosting a neat promotional thing, for #InTheShadows. Real camera operators, with real cameras, and videography equipment, which, again, A) Made me miss my ol' job, and, B) There was stuff to actually photograph! I love photography, no matter what, but having things to take photos of...

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