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Photo(s) Of The Day - (12/02/21)

I wasn't in the best mood, yesterday afternoon, so, of course, I thought, "Hm! I'll just take a nice lil' walk through and hope, JUST hope, that that puts me in a better mood!" 'Cuz, y'know, walking in a cemetery always puts EVERYONE in a better mood, right? Right?! Well, d'uh! It! Did!! And, to my extreme happiness, I saw @CloseUpTheCemeteryCat and, AND, some filmmaking gear trucks! This, is that...

Talked to a security guard, for a bit, and asked what, if she didn't mind the question, what they might be shooting, but she wasn't sure. But she knew they were elsewhere. And, y'know, still IN a cemetery. They'd just parked there, but were filming elsewhere. Ah, happiness...

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