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Photo(s) Of The Day(s) - (07/19/21)

Two photos, over two days, which explains today's title. The 1st is from yesterday, in H'wood.

It's odd, how many "Jokers" are on Hollywood Boulevard, and not in the, "What a joker," way.

The 2nd photo's from Thursday. Now, it's, again, "odd," that there's, er, "Moses" just walkin' around H'wood, but it's odder still, that there was a dude in a bowler hat following him around, with a cell phone on a "selfie stick," recording, um, "Jesus?" One of those types, the entire time! Are they making a cell phone movie? Are they recording some, um, "religious 'happening'?!" So! Many!! QUESTIONS!!! Uh, that I'll never ask, 'cuz, well, look at 'em...

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