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Photo Of The Day - (11/27/21)

This photo was taken last evening, at the Vine Street Elementary School. I took a few from across Vine, but, didn't like 'em, so, I crossed over, and took a couple more...

The middle dude was doing some videography, with an actual (older) video camera, heard my 'clickety clacking,' and turned, pointed his camera at me, and said, "No videos!" Then, all three of 'em laughed, he turned back around, and more skateboarding tricks. And guy number 3 turned, and asked, "Video, or still?!" So I said, "I'm doing stills, in black and white. No recognizable faces. Do you mind..?" Response: "Go ahead." Took a few more, went back home, and downloaded them. I was actually surprised at how much I really liked this photo, so, I went back out to show them, and they'd left. Dang!


But, when I was there, I told 'em, "If I posted this anywhere, I'd like to credit you somehow. If you have an Instagram @, or want a hashtag, tell me. "Okay." But no information given.

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Dec 01, 2021

Love it! Action shot!

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