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Photo(s) Of The Day (06/15/21)

Moons you say? Well, yes! "I've" got MOONS!! Three photos of moons, to be precise, from last evening. Now, let's get to the "joke" part, shall we? Oh, if only this moon was a little more L.A.! I mean, yeah, there's a crosswalk signal, which "ALWAYS" work (photo 1), but, more L.A., please...

("Always" is in quotes because, well, if you know me, you know why...) OH! Okay, a palm tree (photo 2), and, uh, another tree of some sort! And a building, um, but more L.A.? Please?! (Oh, the above "I've," is in quotes, because WE'VE, got A moon! And, "joke," 'cuz, well, I'm not that "funny.")

Ah, FINally! A moon, above palm trees, in between electrical wires (photo 3)!! Thank you, Los Angeles, for the moon! Hm?! But L.A.'s responsible for EVERYthing, al! The!! TIME!!!

(No, L.A.'s not responsible for ANYthing, EVER! And, every time I see the moon, I LITerally have to take a photo, or three, of it, for Www.VinciVibe.Com . You should, too!)

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Yesss! We got the moon!!!

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