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Photo(s) Of The Day - (08/18/21)

Yesterday started with a normal 'camera walk,' then turned into, "Stuff To Do," then, um, out of nowhere, to me, anyway, there was a real H'wood premiere, right in front of my, "To-Do!!"

What's fun/not fun about having an actual camera, is that after I took these photos, I tried, tried, I tell's you, tried to walk away. But folks saw 'said camera,' and kept asking, "Is Hugh Jackman still there?" And, "Has Hugh Jackman left, yet?!" And more of that. "I'm not sure."

Oh, and, um, I guess Hugh was there, SOMEwhere, but that's not "my thing," so, off I went. It's hard to take a photo, or photos, anywhere, really, but especially in L.A., without getting billboards and/or advertisements in the photos, but, I got some sun flare, so, that was nice...

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1 Comment

Aug 22, 2021

Great post, love the perspective and the stand from of the crowd mentality.

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